Fund raising: Purchase Armenian Furniture to plant a tree

Submitted by Anahit Hovha on Tue, 02/01/2022 - 19:57

“Go Comfort”, an Armenian furniture and decor company, launches a fund raising campaign - giving you a chance to plant a tree for every purchase you make.

Funding for small businesses

Every day, there are more and more new businesses and ideas on the market. Typically, small businesses lack the finances to meet their expenses, which is where funding for small businesses comes in. When you buy a product from one of these companies, you may be given a little ”thank you” gift. In the case of Grigor and Ozheni, this gratitude is shown by giving a soil-plant for each purchase made. 

What is GO Comfort?

GO Comfort is a community project that produces handcrafted Armenian furniture and home décor. The pieces are composed of wood and a blend of modern and loft-style elements. So, after using nature's resources for their furniture, GO Comfort sends out a soil-plant  for a tree or flower to be planted. Isn't it fantastic? Using natural resources in such a manner that you end up replacing them by adding even more.

So the overall goal of the company is to not only provide comfortable and homey Armenian furniture and decor, but to also improve the overall environment. The company strives to aid the environment as much as possible, from the aforementioned soil-plant gifts to cleaning up the waste they generate after their work - some of which is used to create new pieces of Armenian furniture.

Environmental awareness is quite low in Armenia, and small actions like these assist to raise awareness and remind people of the significance of nourishing our ecosystem and greenery. It is essential to assist such businesses in flourishing and influencing others. 

The company already has a small workshop where it creates the exquisite, handcrafted pieces - all that's left is for you to assist with the tools!

The small company, which has only been in operation for 6 months, lacks the required equipment. Amateur tools are employed, which makes the process of making the pieces both difficult and time-consuming. To give excellent service and the finest products to its clients, the firm needs specialized tools and woodworking equipment. Because all of the pieces are handmade, this alone will speed up the process. More orders will be generated, resulting in more trees being planted! 
With the world we live in now, not caring about a business' environmental standpoint is not an option. Businesses that are really environmentally conscious recognize this and innovate what it means to be good for the environment. For these companies, severely impacting the ecosystem is out of the question; the question is how significant their positive contribution is. 
You can find more information about the “GO Comfort” initiative via this link.

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