Environmental Crowdfunding: Green Camp Initiative

Submitted by Anahit Hovha on Շաբ, 01/29/2022 - 09:10

Green Camp is using crowdfunding to raise funds to avert environmental damage in Armenia, primarily in the Tavush province.

The entire globe is striving towards a more environmentally friendly atmosphere. Keeping the environment clean and healthy for everyone is a top priority. We all need to be more mindful about the environment we live in. In Armenia, environmental education and environmental culture are almost non-existent. Unfortunately, many individuals are oblivious to the environmental concerns that surround them due to a lack of awareness. 

So you may be wondering what measures you may take to raise awareness about this issue. Numerous organizations and governments address this issue in some way, but it is simply not enough. To preserve a clean environment for future generations, we must encourage creative and inventive thinking. 

So, what are some of those innovative approaches for contributing to a sustainable future? 

Well, some organizations use fundraising to bring their ideas into reality. "Contribution to Women and Children" is one such group - a public organization full of individuals with one goal in mind: to contribute to the prevention of environmental disasters, which are unavoidable if deforestation in the Tavush region continues at its current rate. "Contribution to Women and Children" is made up of no more than 25 team members, each with a different line of work but one common goal: to change people's attitudes about the environment. The organization sees this impact via education - training people to be more aware of the consequences of their choices in the near future.

Let us now go deeper into what the organization does and what it aspires to achieve. 
The organization aspires to educate students in the Tavush region through an after-school educational center - Green Camp initiative. The “Green Camp” will be operating during school holidays in spring, summer and fall. Each year, 14 groups of 20 children aged 12-17 will be hosted for free for a week at the Green Camp and will receive eco-education. This will result in 280 students becoming eco-educated and becoming more conscious each year.

Dilijan National Park has provided the organization with 5,000 square meters of forests for 60 years to create an eco-camp. The group wishes to acquire funds in order to construct ten Eco Cottages in the aforementioned location, where non-formal education would take place. The education will be both theoretical and practical. Students will get the opportunity to plant trees, participate in debates, go on hikes, and much more. The group also intends to improve its marketing game by developing social media platforms and content for everyone in order to broaden its reach. This surely is a chance that should not be passed up.

If you're interested in learning more about this eco-awareness initiative, you may click on this link.


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