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ApriKoosht unique project looking for a support

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Yerevan, Armenia
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ApriKoosht is a unique project that has been operating in Armenia since 2018. Over these several years, the project has shown and proved that it will be able to significantly increase not only the food security of Armenia, but also significantly increase the export of Armenian agricultural products abroad by helping small farmers to fully process and sell their products.


The essence of the project is as follows: Each farm, regardless of the size and agricultural products produced, receives the necessary equipment, technology, training and support to process the products it produces.
Moreover, the ApriKoosht also care of selling the manufactured by farms products.


The service of ApriKoosht is affordable for any family, because payment for equipment, technology, training and support can be made after the farm manufactured and sold its products.


The ApriKoosht was progressing successfully, but COVID-19 and war in Armenia dealt a big financial blow to the project.

We need financial support to get through this situation.

If we can raise $17,000 we will setup at least 10 new mini-businesses in Armenian villages and 10 families will solve the problem of their food security, will do business and feed others.

We will be grateful for any support.
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    This is a very promising project

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