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Crowdfunding Fundraiser Platform

HaySatar is a crowdfunding platform that allows individuals and companies to get financial support to solve various problems, implement and / or develop business projects, sell goods and services, or make their dream / plans come true by collecting small amounts of money from a large number of donors from all over the world.

To the authors of fundraising projects:

HaySatar gives you the possibility to work with people who are willing to support you financially. Here you tell your  friends, relatives and other numerous visitors of the site about yourself and your project, and if you inspire confidence and your project interests them, they help you financially.

HaySatar is a dynamic community of people that starts with activating the your environment. It is your environment that should primarily support you and after that, there will be other sponsors.

Indeed, you can involve a lot of new people until the moment when someone, who does not know you, wants to give you money, will take an interest, and people from your environment believe in you; are you supported by people who know you well?

Since the minimum donation to HaySatar is $5, everyone around you can donate $5 to your project and therefore show others that they trust in you and your abilities.

The majority of successful projects create a snowball effect. You interest your friends and your first supporters, later they share ideas on social networks about their support to a wider range of Armenians, and the small snowball turns into a big lump helping you to bring your ideas to life.

Such a fundraising system for various purposes has existed for many years in the world and is called Crowdfunding. With the help of it, more than 34 billion US dollars have been raised in the world. You can read more about it on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdfunding.

HaySatar is a Canadian company and acts in accordance with the laws of Canada.
Registration number: TN23528029
Address: 11915 138 Ave. Edmonton AB, T5X 4K1 Canada

Thank you for your understanding,

Best regards,
HaySatar Team and Co-founder Suren Vaganyan.