How it works

Crowdfunding Fundraiser Platform

HaySatar is a Fundraising Platform where you have an opportunity to fund your idea, business, problem, etc., whether you are an individual, group, or organization.

Funding comes by collecting small amounts from a large number of people willing to help.

The fundraisers do not interact directly with sponsors in any way, they simply post their projects for funding, and site visitors transfer money to the name of the project they like.

HaySatar will transfer the collected amount to the author of the project, minus the commission percentage required to pay for payment systems and transactions, maintain and improve software, advertise projects. When the amount raised reaches $250 or more, the project creator can ask the transfer and continue to fundraising.

To raise money more successfully, project creators, as a token of gratitude for their support, offer sponsors unique awards that reflect the spirit of what they hope to create or to do.

Basics of projects

A project is an end job with a clear goal that you want to bring to life. Think of something that will help sponsors trust you and your ability to bring projects to life. Briefly but convincingly tell us about yourself and your project with photos and videos. You need sponsors to trust and trust you.

A funding goal is the amount of money the creator needs to complete their project. Determine how you want to end your funding campaign and receive money, either by goal or by end date.

The creator is the person or team behind the project idea, working to bring it to life.

Sponsors are people who give money to bring projects to life together with the creators.

Rewards are anything related to a project that the creator wants to share with sponsors as a sign of gratitude for their support.

If you want to know more about how this works, try browsing some of the crowdf projects on the biggest crowdfunding sites,