First Questions & Answers

Crowdfunding Fundraiser Platform

  • What is HaySatar?

HaySatar is an online platform where any person or organization can start their own fundraising in order to solve any task, that do not contradict the laws of Canada.

  • Who can create fundraising campaign?

Fundraising campaign can be created by any honest person.

  • Who can donate to my fundraising campaign?

Any person living anywhere in the world who is willing to help, has a credit card and is able to donate at least $1.

  • How much does it cost to set up a fundraising project on HaySatar?

You can create a fundraising page absolutely free. From the collected money, the platform will automatically calculate and deduct the required fees.
The 10% is spent on maintenance and improvement of the platform, as well as advertising the projects.
From 3% to 8%, the system automatically deducts all transaction costs depending on the donated amounts transferred, countries and payment systems.
Therefore, the author of the project will receive from 82% to 87% of the donated amount. You will see the final amount to receive on your account dashboard. 
If you reached your designated goal, the HaySatar will donate for your project the 5%  of your goal amount. Thus, if you reach your designated by you amount, then HaySatar will be the cheapest fundraising platform on the Internet.

  • Where the money is collected and how the creator of the project can get it?

The money is collecting on the "HaySatar" account in Royal Bank of Canada. The collected money will be transferred to the creator of the project in several possible ways, depending of the amount, such as PayPal, RIA, MoneyGram, Swift or direct deposit to your credit card.

  • When will I receive the money I've raised? 

You can make a withdrawal of raised money after ended fundrising campaign.
Please note, the withdrawal process may takes up to 21 business days to validate all transactions.
In some cases, we allow partial withdrawal during the fundraising process, as long as the withdrawal amount was raised at least 21 days ago.

  • What happens if I can't reach the goal amount I specified?

You will receive the collected money regardless of whether you have reached your designated goal or not. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

  • How will my project be selected in the "Project We Love" section and displayed on the main page?

There are no specific criteria by which your project will definitely fall into the “Project We Love” section. There are many factors that can affect whether your project is selected in the "Project We Love" section.

The appearance of your project on the main page also depends on the number of likes, so the more you share your project on the Internet, the more likely it is that your project will appear on the main page.

  • What is the most important thing when creating a fundraising project?

In order for fundraising to be successful, you need to pay attention to two important things.
The first is the author of the project. You need to be as open, honest, and trustworthy as possible.
If you even are ashamed to show your face, then your chances of you having a successful fundraiser are close to zero. The video with your participation significantly increases the success of fundraising.
The second important factor is to find ways to reward your supporters. The expectation of gratitude greatly stimulates the desire to help. 33 Reward Ideas

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