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After the war, the Manvelyan family faced a hard financial situation

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Byuregavan, Kotayk', Armenia
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We never needed help before, the men in our house worked, our family, of 6 people, always lived happily, and we did not have any problems.

However, our patriotism has made our lives hell.

The men of our family volunteered and went to the front lines from the very first day of the war and lost their jobs. I was forced to keep the house in debt, and for several months now we have been in dire straits.

I am a screenwriter, a member of the Writers' Union, but these days I do any job, and I work as a nanny and a cleaner, etc.

After the war, the husband's workplace was closed, and now he does any work, including one-time work.
My son still has not received financial assistance from the state, because due to poor organization, the military authorities cannot find documentary evidence that he fought from the first to the last day and will return home only on December 1, 2020 with a damaged spine.

My son also agrees to any work he can and works to the best of his ability.

You can read more about the post-war history of our family in AYSOR.AM

We will not stay hungry, we will always work and get out of this difficult situation, but if some kind people support us a little, then we will be very grateful.
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