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Help the earthquake victims in Syria

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On February 6, a deadly earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria. While most countries rushed to help the victims in Turkey, very few countries helped Syrians in their despair. Therefore, I'm creating this crowdfunding as a Syrian with Armenian origins from Aleppo to deliver much-needed funding to the humanitarian organizations in Syria, namely Souria Betjmana (Syrian authorization number:1069) and We Are Superheroes (French National identification number RNA: W751228993). 

The aid will be delivered to Aleppo, Hama and Jableh governorates which were heavily hit by the earthquake for all Syrians, including the Armenian community in Aleppo.
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  • Giles Stogdon
    Giles Stogdon sent $75

    Was looking for a way to help without funding more attacks on the Syrian people.

  • Inna Spinner
    Inna Spinner sent $200

    For Syrian brothers and sisters!

  • Monika Kifinger
    Monika Kifinger sent $100

    It's a tragedy, both what the earthquake and sanctions which were unjustified to begin with.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous sent $10
  • Maura Viertel
    Maura Viertel sent $100
  • Gabriel Zamora
    Gabriel Zamora sent $100

    May God help your country and bless your people in need.

  • James Ward
    James Ward sent $50
  • Akimitsu Kuwabara
    Akimitsu Kuwabara sent $20

    My individual contribution and prayer can only go so far, but I hope that it will be a small drip in the tide of goodwill and compassion for those in dire straits.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous sent $10
  • Taylor Young
    Taylor Young sent $20

    I quit using Paypal along time ago, because they are hideous communists. Our Military Industrial Complex, our DoD and Pentagon, are all TRAITORS to America and Genocidal Murderers to people in many countries of the world. They have been especially egregious when it comes to Syria!

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