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My name is Rodion.
I was born in Armenia, my father is Russian, mother is Armenian. I have tried to take the best from both of nations. Now I'm in Armenian motorsport team named Goroyan Racing Team.
Our team put a goal to develop motorsport in Armenia. Thanks to Arthur Goroyan's efforts, the GRT has created a project, which is going to take 6 best karting drivers of Armenia to Dubai 24 hour race. By being part of this team, I would love to wave the Armenian flag in Emirates sky after the race. This is why I am raising money for. But want to say that I have fear of heights.  Also, being a founder of "Kryloff Karting" club in Armenia, the collected funds are going to be spent on developing karting in Armenia. 
There is a great desire that you morally can be in the helmet of the racer who represents Armenia and support him, thus, for a certain donation of $1000, your name  will be written on my helmet. Another option is became my sposore and I can place your logo or your wish on my jumpsuit.
If you want to donate whole team, just write in comment of your donate and we will spend that donate with team for trainings. 
More information about me and GRT you can find in links below
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