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Please help get out of the financial crisis

by Zhanna Aslikyan Contact Me
Vanadzor, Armenia
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Hello, dear Supporters, my name is Zhanna Aslikyan, I'm 26 years old, I live in Armenia, Vanadzor.
I am married and have two young children.

Dear Supporters, I want to share my story with you ; until 2019, I was a happy, carefree girl who enjoyed her beautiful family, but sadly/unfortunately everything turned upside down on the 5th of October 2019.

My little ray of sunshine, my daughter Ani was born by caesarean section, which was a life altering and detrimental procedure.
Soon after the caesarean section, I started having peritonitis, which resulted in my uterus being removed. Besides this, the disease affected my vital organs; liver, stomach, hormonal disorders.
I lost 60% of my health and started to accumulate debts due to the cost of medical procedures, examinations, and medication usage which accumulated, and hence the debts accumulated to pay for the medical assistance ; in a word, we found ourselves in an unspeakably difficult financial situation, soon-after the Covid pandemic began during that time my husband lost his job.

Everything got more complicated, then the unfortunate war knocked on our door. My husband volunteered on the second day and our family still has not been able to recover from burden of those debts.
My husband has started working, however I can not work yet, as I still have tests that I have to pass in order to receive treatment.

My husband's salary barely covers the interest on the debts let alone our basic living expenses.

Dear Friends, please help us to stand up again and to be able to get our beautiful family out of this difficult situation.

I have two professions, I will definitely find a job again and I hope everything will be fine again.
I ask you to please kindly help us and give us a hand, to be able to get out this difficult circumstances and overcome this difficult time in our lives.
Please find attached my medical records.
Contact phone: +37477739312

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    Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in Thee!

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