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    "Wings for the future"social-educational NGO
  Formulation and substantiation of the problem 
 After the independence, most of the secondary schools in Armenia have been regularly renovated, furnished and equipped with modern furniture and equipment. The existence of all this creates sufficient conditions for the correct and effective organization of the teaching process. The schools are in poor condition (they are dilapidated, cold, damp. Most of the property left over from the Soviet Union).
Below we will present the problems of the secondary school of Lchavan community of Gegharkunik region.
Despite the fact that the school has been partially renovated due to the efforts of individual benefactors, there are still a number of problems in the school that need to be addressed first. Perhaps the main problem in the school is the lack of a hall and the deplorable condition of several classrooms.
The school physics classroom is the classroom in the worst condition. With ruined and damp ceiling, cracked walls and cracks in the floor a few centimeters. The need to renovate the classroom is especially felt during the winter months (most of which are almost never used due to the cold).
Our visit to Lchavan Secondary School completely confirmed the above (the ceiling of the classroom was just collapsing from the moisture). The director of the school, Mr. Gevorgyan, mentioned that after the partial renovation of the roof, fortunately, water does not drip from the ceiling on rainy days.
Lchavan community is located at an altitude of 2040 m above sea level. Due to such a high geographical location, almost half of the year is about 4-5 months of snow and the classrooms are heated. Mr. Gevorgyan noted that the classroom is heated by an oil stove, which not only harms the health of children, but also in case of a slight wind (which is regular at that time of the year) the stove goes out, covering the whole classroom with black and poisonous oil smoke. the reason that the classroom is almost not used in winter). This proves once again that a well-maintained classroom is one of the main guarantees of receiving a quality education.
In addition to the above-mentioned problems, the classroom needs furniture and technical equipment.
                     2. Description of the program 
 2․1 Goal 
 To have a renovated and modern physics clasroom, which will allow the students of the secondary school of the Lchavan community to study the subject of physics, which is so important nowadays, more deeply and effectively. 
2․2 Problem 
Repair, furnish with necessary property, equip with modern appliances and equipment (dasks, cabinets,smart board, vice-rector, computer, etc.). 

2․3 Methods 
 To implement the project, you need to perform the following steps 
1.       Clean the walls and ceiling from the old layer 
2.       Align and fix the walls and ceiling with putty 
3.       Paint the ceiling 
4.       wall papering 
5.       Line the floor with plywood 
6.       Equip the school with desks, cabinets, equipment and appliances(smart boarg,vice-rector) etc.)
 2․4 Beneficiaries 
 The beneficiaries of this program are 60 students of the secondary school of the Lchavan community. 
 2․5 Results 
Pupils of the secondary school of Lchavan will receive a renovated, furnished, heated (electric heater) and equipped with modern equipment classroom. 
 2․6 Influence 
Nowadays, interest and love for such an important subject will increase.Classes will be organized more interestingly and effectively.The class will serve not only for a more interesting and effective organization of the lesson in physics and other natural sciences (a smart board will allow you to study both physical phenomena and patterns, as well as chemical reactions and equations). 
 2․7 Management 
The program will be managed by the chairman of the organization and the program manager Armen Gevorgyan. 
 2․8 monitoring and evaluation 
Armen Gevorgyan, Hranush Khachatryan, Teresa Ghazaryan. Acommission will also be created to properly monitor the work under the leadership of Director N. Gevorgyan. 
 Control work will be carried out during each key work and after financial expenses․In case of deviation from the program conditions, a meeting of responsible persons of the program will be convened and a newer solution for the implementation of the program or error correction options will be planned.

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