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Chania, Crete
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Greeting friends,

I want to open the first bouldering gym in Crete.
I have been raised in Sweden and had the luck to see and experience the beauty of bouldering.

Unfortunately we do not have any bouldering gym in Crete.
It is a great way to train or just have fun with friends and family. It suits all ages and there is difficulties for everyone. You don't need any previous experience or knowledge to climb, even babies can climb. 

I really believe this is an amazing idea and I'm ready to dedicate my life to this. The plan is to start up with a small bouldering gym with a nice little cafeteria and a regular gym corner with different climbing extras. As soon as the profits are enough I want to start up something really big. There I will be having birthday activities, classes and of course tournament for the fanatics.

There is a big need of something like this here on Crete. Everybody would love it and it would make a big change to the city with another new fun activitiy for the people.

I really hope you can see my vision and that you understand the importanceand and the need of something like this here on Crete. 

Thank you in advance.
// Venizelos
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