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Developing Speedcubing In Armenia

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Yerevan, Armenia
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Hello! I am Mayis Jraghatspanyan, a professional speedcuber from Armenia. I started my cubing journey in 2011. My mom taught me how to find the only solution from billions of combinations on a Rubik's cube when I was just 11 years old.
In 2015 I participated in my first Rubik's cube competition in Georgia, and it was my dream to participate in a competition in Armenia.
In 2018 I organized the first ever official speedcubing competition in Armenia and my dream came true. The competitors were so excited that they wanted me to organize one more contest.
In 2021 with my university's support and sponsorship, I organized AUA Open 2021 International competition. Around 50 participants from 9 countries took part in the massive event. The rising number of participants from Armenia showed the rise of interest among local cubing and puzzle-solving communities.
For a competition to be official, delegates (representatives) from the World Cube Association (WCA) must be present at the event. They make sure that the competition runs according to WCA Regulations. As it is very expensive to invite a WCA delegate from abroad, I decided to become one myself. Armenia is the only country in South Caucasus that doesn't have a WCA delegate and I am very close to becoming the first one. 
The cubing community in Armenia wants more competitions and I am more than happy to host many competitions in the future. Events make the community stronger, bigger and more developed, giving cubers the opportunity to compete and represent Armenia in the International cubing community.

I highly appreciate your support and even the smallest contribution will help the development of Speedcubing in Armenia.

To become a delegate and organize competitions, I will need the following equipment:
- 10 StackMat Gen5 Bundle (includes 10 SpeedStacks Gear Bags (45$), 10 SpeedStacks Gen5 Mats (105$), 10 WCA-approved timers (245$)) = 395$
- 4 displays (460$)
- 10 stopwatches (50$)
- 10 badges (organizational team) (50$)
- Shipping to Armenia (200$)

Thank YOU so much.
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    For the Best Cuber, I have ever had the honor of knowing ❤️

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