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Situation: (BEAUTIFUL, but…)
  • talents are not being exposed enough.
  • Many talents are overseen.
  • talents make little or no money.
  • Many talents are miserable working day jobs they hate, and treat their talent as just a hobby.
  • Many talents resolve to drugs/violence/racism to feel accepted, to belong, to compensate for their unhappiness
Causes: Lack of: self-discipline, media interest, consistency, knowledge, education, self-confidence, resources, motivation, follow-up, management, external support, belonging.
In addition to many temptations at a lot of limiting beliefs that stop them from moving forward.
Dope Talents, an NGO that is dedicated to increasing street talents’ exposure and teaching them skills they need to help themselves, too
Exposure: Dope Talents TV, events/workshops/competitions (internal & external), cultural exchange programs
Self-Development: Improve their artistic skills, learn marketing/ communication/business skills, photography/videography skills, 
Support System: Psychology/coaching sessions for more balanced behavior, Talent management
  • Hagdope: Dancer/Dance teacher/Solopreneur /Videographer/ Photographer/Event Manager/DJ/Community leader
“I was there myself and I want to help others get out of this situation like me.”
  • Network of professionals in the respected fields (dancing, music, talent management, life coaching/therapy, business/marketing coaching/advising, videography/photography, “you name it…”)

What if?
This program is made for street talents to start:
  • Believing in themselves to grow
  • Improving their art and performances
  • More independent and autonomous from society, from their loved ones
  • Doing what they love and are good at, instead of being miserable doing paid jobs they hate
  • Being healthier (physically, emotionally and mentally)
  • Impacting other street talents to follow the same path
  • Getting the exposure they need to thrive
  • Promote street art/talents
  • Getting away from drug addictions
  • Getting away from gangs/bad influence/crime/racism

CTA (Call To Action)
  • Share if you like (let’s go viral)
  • Let us know if you are interested to help, to be part of this journey to promote street talents
  • Let me know if you are a talented street artist and you want a better life for yourself and those around you
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